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Consultations are available by appointment.  Brief descriptions and costs for the different types of consultation are listed below.  Also, please see the following pages for more info on what to expect and how to prepare:

What to expect in a visit with a Doctor of Tibetan Medicine
How to prepare for a visit

Initial Consultation ($50.00*)

Initial consultations take approximately 50 minutes and involve the development of a health history and lifestyle profile, as well as the exploration of specific health concerns and the development of initial treatment plans.  At the end of  the consultation, dietary and lifestyle advice are compiled and provided.  If medicines or therapy are indicated they will be provided or scheduled for an additional charge.  The price of medicines varies, but on average a 3 time a day medicine regime costs $30.  Treatments vary in cost based on the time and materials they require.

Followup Consultations ($30.00*)

Followup consultations take approximately 25-30 minutes and involve checking the progress of treatments through discussion, pulse and urine analysis; modifying treatment plans according to new developments; and updating lifestyle and diet advice for any seasonal or lifestyle changes.

Therapeutic Appointments (variable)

Therapeutic appointments vary in time and cost based on the time and materials they require.

*For students and those on fixed incomes, please contact us for reduced rates.